Top news

Tibetan women's soccer team will travel to Vancouver for soccer tournament after being denied entry in to U.S

Recent report finds BC metropolis has the policy framework in place to become a great shipping port

Leading Filipino media corporation files five million dollar lawsuit in Canadian Federal Court

Canada has joined other countries that have alerted their citizens to possible terror threats in the Philippines

Local news

Think tank says health care spending for British Columbia projected to consume 45 per cent of all provincial program spending in 15 years

More than 600 people attend the event hosted by the Association for Mineral Exploration

Prohibition bar at Hotel Georgia introduces new cocktail featuring distinctive Asian spice

The removal of India's largest two currency denominations has been met with controversy

Regional news

Fang-Yi Sheu and friends headline the Vancouver International Dance Festival from March 12-21


Linnea Christine Wong amongst others headlines the annual Vancouver International Dance Festival