Accent On Career: Sounds We Just Dont Say

One of the techniques native speakers use when communicating is to eliminate sounds that take a lot of effort to produce.  For example, the sound /h/ requires a lot of air and time to produce this one sound. If people can still understand the words you are saying by eliminating the /h/ from words like he, him, his and her, it makes sense to get rid of that sound to maintain your rhythm and flow.

For example:
Did he do it? = didi do it?

Let’s practice:

Step 1: Cross out the /h/ at the beginning of words like he, him, his and her.

Step 2: Link the last sound of the previous word with the rest of the /h/ sound. Eg. Did he= didi

He /i/
What did he do?= what didi do?
Where did he put it?= where didi put it?
What did he say? = what didi say?
Him /h I m/
Tell him to do it.= tellim to do it.
Let him play.= letim play
You can see him tomorrow. = you can seeim tomorrow

His /h I z/
What’s his problem?= whatsiz problem?
What’s his reason? = whatsiz reason?
What’s his address? whatsizaddress?

Her /er/
I told her yesterday = I tolder yesterday.
I gave her the CD. – I gaver the CD.
I called her last week- I calleder last week.

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