BC actress shoots for a New World


It is unlikely back on career day in elementary school, Sandy Sidhu proclaimed her day job would be shooting down predators and mapping out space anomalies.
Yet here she is helping save humankind from a plague of malevolent ancient creatures with names like Pteranodons, Albertosaurus and Utahraptors. 
The BC-born and raised thespian will be appearing on Primeval: New World, a new series launching on the Space Network.
She plays Pallavi Grewal, the co-pilot of a DC-3 aircraft that runs into trouble with ancient predators.
Yet unknown is whether the winsome Sidhu engages in any hand-to-hand combat with the vomit-inducing monsters.
Primeval: New World is based off the original UK series Primeval, and made it’s series debut on October 29th.
The series will be airing in over 15 countries to date.
Sidhu, who in her former ‘real life’ was trained as a cell biologist, has also appeared in Stargate Universe, Shattered, Afternoon Tea (film), and Heart of Hearing (film).
For more information go to  www.sandysidhu.workbooklive.com.
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