4 of 10 Filipino students want to migrate abroad


Four out of every 10 young Filipino students plan to work abroad after graduation, the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Center’s Pinoy Youth Barometer project reveals. 
The Pinoy Youth Barometer, a project of AIM in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) and in networking with key high schools, colleges, and universities nationwide, is a functional survey which is done periodically and specifically designed to collect information on the sentiments and attitudes of the Filipino youth towards migration, employment, education, and governance. 
AIM Policy Center economist Maria Beatrice Anne Tanjangco, in the recent Research and Inventions Week of the St. Louis University (SLU), one of the partner universities of the project, shared that based on the September 2012 Pinoy Youth Barometer Project survey, 40.36 percent or four out of every 10 respondents indicated that they want to migrate to US, Canada, and Australia as the most desired destination. 
The same survey shows that of those who intend to migrate abroad, 71.69 percent have relatives with permanent residency abroad while 64.62 percent have relatives who are considered overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). 
Cited as top reasons to migrate are desire to send remittances to their families(75.22 percent), desire to experience other cultures(71.68 percent), and the lack of employment opportunities in the country (67.47 percent). 
As for reasons that would make them stay here in the country, 82.19 percent of the respondents said family or to be with their families, 65.62 percent says to be with their friends, while 72.11 percent of them would stay for having a comfortable lifestyle in the Philippines. 
For each periodic survey, simple random sampling was done to 10 to 12 educational institutions, collecting data from 200 respondents from each college institution, and 100 respondents from high school institutions. 
AIM Policy Center Senior Economist David Yap II, in a statement, disclosed that such statistical data show the Filipino youth are more confident in finding better employment opportunities abroad than here in the country. Although the Pinoy Youth Barometer Project was designed to give our youth a voice, he also encouraged them to make a stand and “Help make the Philippines the country you want to, the country they believe in.” 
The youth, he said, can let their voice be heard by the government on what they need. With the upcoming May mid-term elections, they can let their voice be heard in choosing the right leaders who will help shape a better country for them and the future generations. 
For each periodic survey in the AIM’s Pinoy Youth Barometer project, simple random sampling was done to 10 to 12 educational institutions, collecting data from 200 respondents from each college institutions and 100 respondents from high school institutions.
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