Artists Profile: Bitu Chakma

Bitu Chakma is an interdisciplinary Canadian artist based in Vancouver. His solo show, “Cultural Collision & Magical Transformation” is currently on at the Moat Gallery at Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch) until April 29, 2014. 
Bitu is from the indigenous Chakma community in Bangladesh, where he learned drawing and painting as a child. His solo show in Vancouver celebrates the Chakma Bizu or New Year with local communities. The show is sponsored by environment friendly Bombay Bags and local ART365. 
The only member of his community to practice visual art in Canada, finding a new home in Vancouver led Bitu on a path of many adaptations and self-actualizations. He has worked in non-profit, public and private sectors for several years, but his curious mind always desired more, so he enrolled at Emily Carr University Art & Design, where he is completing a BFA in visual art. 
He loves to travel and has visited Laos, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, India, USA and across Canada, where he has taken an anthropological and ethnographical approach to learning about local societies and cultures. 
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