Cairo unveiled in Toronto

Visitors to Toronto can now enjoy a unique exhibition of over 80 Islamic textiles dating from the 7th to 14th centuries, including rare examples of clothing. “Cairo Under Wraps: Early Islamic Textiles” is now open in the Royal Ontario Museum's Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume. Many of the exhibit’s textiles were collected by the founding director C.T. Currelly, prior to the Museum's 1914 opening. 
This exhibition displays textiles from the first six centuries of Muslim rule, mostly made in Egypt, but also imported from other quarters of the Muslim world such as Iraq, Iran, and Yemen. The textiles tell a story of wide-ranging global trade and a taste for high-quality luxury goods.
The decoration on these textiles mainly consists of Arabic inscriptions, often invoking Allah and naming the ruler. Ceramics, glass, metalwork, and coins have also been included from the ROM’s collection of Islamic art. 
“Cairo Under Wraps” runs until January 25, 2015. Visit for more information.
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