Sidewalk Runway: Anime Revolution 2014

For those that weren't aware of the Anime Revolution Cosplay event some were a bit surprised by what they saw. I spoke to a Cactus Club bartender that watched as Little Bo Peep and "Storm" of the X-Men ate lunch. Closer to the Convention Center, the look of bewilderment was even more pronounced for disembarking cruise ship passengers! Guests attending the popular three day event (Aug 22, 23 & 24) came as far as Vancouver Island and Calgary. Some costumes were simple and store bought. Others were so detailed and elaborate it appeared as if they stepped off the pages of a comic book. I spoke with quite a few guests and their eyes lit up when offered an opportunity to explain their characters. One trend I believe will catch-on were the Warrior Princess versions of Disney characters. Incidentally, Anita, Jessica and Caroline handmade their costumes. 

Photo captions:

01 - Anita is Snow White Warrior Princess

02 - Tiffany & Trinity are Queen Serenity & Mini Moon from Sailor Moon

03 - Allee is wearing a Classic style Lolita dress

04 - Jessica and Caroline are Cinderella & Ariel Battle Princesses (2 of a 5 member team - Judges Choice Costume Contest Winners) 

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