Report highlights benefits of union membership

A report released today by the Fraser Institute offers compelling reasons for workers to join unions to improve wages and benefits, says the BC Federation of Labour.

“Whether it is in the private or public sector, the report shows that workers who are union members have better pay and benefits than workers who aren’t union members,” says BCFED President Irene Lanzinger.

“So the study clearly highlights the benefits of union membership and sends a clear message for non-union workers. If you want to gain more respect and have more power to make working life pay better, then join a union.” she says.

“If you would like a paid leave day to deal with a sick child or an aging parent, then join a union because unions have negotiated these benefits,” Lanzinger says.

“If you are a woman worker and tired of being paid less for doing the same work as a male counterpart, then join a union because we`ve negotiated pay equity to address wage discrimination against women.

“If you are one of BC`s half-million workers earning less than $15 an hour, then join a union to help lift you out of poverty.

“If you want a secure income for your retirement, then join a union to negotiate a pension plan.”

Normally, says Lanzinger, the Fraser Institute—the official think tank for the 1%—can be counted on to try and pull people down rather than lift everyone up. “But in this case we appreciate their help in getting the message out about the benefits of belonging to a union, so that better wages and benefits can happen here.”

In the year ahead, the BC labour movement will be more aggressive on the organizing front to help more workers join unions to help them win better pay and benefits.

 Information about how workers can join unions can be found at

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