Trudeau is second-highest spending prime minister

In this year’s federal budget, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has the second highest per person program spending at $8,337. That’s only $38 less than former Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2009 at $8,375 (in 2017 dollars), according to the Fraser Institute.

Usually increased spending coincides with wars or recessions, such as the two world wars, the Korean war, the Great Depression and the 2009 recession. This wasn’t the case with Trudeau.

His administration also has the third largest average annual increase (5.2 per cent) in per person spending since Second World War, behind Lester B. Pearson (5.3 per cent) and Louis St. Lauren (7.0 per cent).

“While wars and recessions obviously affect government spending, the rapid increase in spending observed recently coupled with deficits and growing debt can have real negative consequences for Canadians and the economy,” Jason Clemens, executive vice-president of the Fraser Institute and co-author of Prime Ministers and Government Spending: A Retrospective.

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