Restaurant Review: Sulmida

By Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post


We tried the standard in a large order of Mango Shaved Ice (or Bingsoo). This was a decent portion of fluffy and almost creamy shaved ice that was nearly on par with Snowy Village. The mango was barely ripe which meant it was sweet with a noticeable tang. The conservative amount of mango sauce meant things weren't too sweet. For our second item, we chose the Injeolmi Toast topped with ice cream. I found this version rather flat and lacking in toast. There was a decent amount of rice cake in between that was soft and chewy. The dessert was a lot less sweeter than it appeared, but it wasn't bland. There was a certain powdery nuttiness from the bean powder.

On another visit, we ended up with another mango bingsoo and also a Strawberry Lava Bread (think toast box) with custard and fruit. I wasn't a huge fan of this as the bread was dense didn't have a good mouth-feel. Inside, the whole thing was sweet where it didn't seem to be enough fruit to provide balance. I gave up on this and decided to finish off the bingsoo instead, which is the thing to get here. I really wasn't super impressed with the other items. With that being said, I still prefer Snowy Village, but Sulmida does make a decent bingoo still.



140 - 8211 Ackroyd Road, Richmond, BC


The Good:

• Decent bingsoo, fluffy and light

• More options than Snowy Village


The Bad:

• The other items were meh


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